Beat the Narcissist this Year

Silver Boundary

Make it your absolute resolution if you haven’t already.

A relationship shouldn’t be a game, but he has already made it into one. You need to remain one step ahead and win.

You are probably in either of two situations right now: 1) The narcissist has already discarded you and is completely ignoring you, no matter how much you try and reason with him. Or 2) he has moved on with his life, has someone new, but still comes back to you with some sorry excuse of how you still mean something to him.  Either way, it’s terrible for you, and very convenient for him. Stop.

In the first situation, if you have been discarded / dumped, please take my advice and be patient.  Sit tight, because he WILL return.  Prepare for a long wait, because it could take months before he gets in touch.  If he left you, knowing you still harbour feelings for him, he will…

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